Space Reverse Industry Event

NATO is expanding its space radar to build closer relations with space industries. NATO is inviting the commercial space sector to its Space Reverse Industry Event on 20 February 2024 in Brussels to give a new impetus to dialogue and engagement with this growing sector.

Over the past decade, the commercial space sector has seen tremendous growth and innovation, with new technologies and services emerging at an unprecedented pace.
Space is a priority for NATO, as an operational domain and as one of the technological areas where the Alliance is focusing its innovation efforts. Expanding cooperation with the commercial space sector is essential for the Alliance to leverage space technologies for defence and security in a more cost-efficient and effective way.

The Space Reverse Industry event brings together key actors within the space industry, including start-ups, small- and medium-enterprises and non-traditional defense companies.

It is an opportunity to learn about new technological developments in the space industry and hear how the industry addresses current and future space challenges, from offering solutions to procurement challenges and multinational investments opportunities to identifying challenges for space innovation.