Secretary General participates in Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg participated in a meeting of the US-led Ukraine Defense Contact Group in Brussels on Wednesday (15 June 2022), to discuss Ukraine’s urgent needs for military equipment.

The Secretary General thanked the United States for its leadership and coordination, and welcomed new announcements by NATO Allies of support to Ukraine.

The Secretary General stressed that NATO Allies are committed to continue providing Ukraine with the military equipment it needs to prevail, including heavy weapons and long-range systems.
“NATO as an organisation is also stepping up its support,” he said, noting that Allies will agree a new comprehensive assistance package for Ukraine at the Madrid Summit.
This will help Ukraine in the longer-term to transition from Soviet-era to modern NATO equipment and to enhance interoperability with NATO.
This was the third meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group to coordinate aid to help Ukraine. Some 45 countries participated, including Ukraine, ahead of the meetings of NATO defence ministers.