ATLAS Space launches Freedom Space for Government Missions


ATLAS Space Operations, a front-runner in Ground Software as a Service (GSaaS) provision, is broadening its reach with the inauguration of its subsidiary, Freedom Space Technologies. This development emphasizes ATLAS’s resolve to enhance space industry capabilities and support the execution of vital government missions.

The new subsidiary will be based in Colorado Springs, CO, and aims to provide advanced solutions tailored to cater to the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Security Space organizations’ needs. This response comes on the back of the increasing demand by the government to leverage commercial space capabilities. Freedom Space is specifically designed to support unique requirements, including classified missions, further underpinning the critical role of commercial entities in government space strategies.

Freedom Space will extend the legacy of ATLAS Space Operations’ Freedom Ground Software as a Service. Utilizing the federated global ground network, the subsidiary will provide mission solutions, products, and services that align with government entities’ strategic objectives and bolster mission success.

A critical aspect of Freedom Space’s mandate is ensuring data security, reliability, and responsiveness at the highest level for government agencies. The subsidiary will actively foster strategic partnerships with these agencies, thereby facilitating innovation and providing solutions for emerging challenges in the space domain.

T.I. Weintraub, Chief Growth Officer of ATLAS Space Operations and the CEO and President of Freedom Space, articulates the significance of this new venture. He states, “The launch of Freedom Space represents a strategic and significant milestone for ATLAS Space Operations and our commitment to providing exceptional solutions for government agencies.” He further emphasized that Freedom Space’s establishment enhances its ability to support National Security Space mission requirements and increases government networks’ capacity and resilience.

This move represents an important step for ATLAS Space Operations in achieving its objective of making space accessible for all. It confirms the company’s ongoing commitment to providing world-class mission assurance. The inception of Freedom Space solidifies ATLAS’s standing as a reliable partner for resilient space communications, prepared to meet the dynamic needs of the government sector. This is a telling indication of the evolving landscape of the space industry and the crucial role commercial organizations play in supporting government operations.