NATO pre-Summit polling results show historically high level of support for NATO

Ahead of the 2022 NATO Summit in Madrid, NATO commissioned a survey across all 30 Allies to understand perceptions of Allied citizens, including on support for NATO membership, collective defence, and the transatlantic bond. Overall, support for NATO remains strong and continues to rise.

Over 70% of Allied citizens consider NATO important to the future security of their country and support their country’s membership in NATO. 60% consider their country safer as a result of cooperation between North American and European nations.

Roughly two thirds agree their country should defend another country if attacked (67%) and think NATO membership makes foreign attack less likely (62%).

Nearly 80% of Allied citizens support maintaining or increasing defence spending.

A growing number of citizens view Russia unfavourably (68%). Unfavourable views of Russia have increased by 27 percentage points since 2021.

China is also viewed unfavourably by 52% of the respondents, an increase by 11 percentage points since 2021.

The data set for 2022 includes additional metrics regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Results indicate that 67% of respondents perceive the invasion to have affected the safety and security of their country.

NATO commissions similar surveys on a regular basis to monitor trends across the Alliance.