Writing for The Defense News.Com (TDN) This is a feature for guest writers to write about issues relevant to both Indian and international defence updates.

Are you a newbie writer, students or retired person and looking for enhanced your writing skills along with money then this a right place for you.

We are looking for Regular partners/writers for this website and other blogs website too.
If you are interested in the same then you contact us via form or email at ( thedefencenewsindia@gmail.com ).
We would provide you Google Analytics access for a particular website, where you can see directly your Posts/Articles Live PERFORMANCE such as daily PAGEVIEWS CTR CPM etc.

NOT to worry about writing languages, even you can write in your own mother tongue if you feel difficult to write in ENGLISH.

TDL is one of the most popular defence-related websites in the world.

Please note that TDN is a highly professional and dedicated defence news website and we do not publish unrelated articles or content that are raised from other sources.

The article should be of at least 500+ words. Any relevant images for your post will be published by us. We are not interested in articles that were half-hearted or slapped together in a few minutes. Take your time but write from the heart.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!