NATO and beyond: America’s domestic politics and Ukraine


European Council on Foreign Relations

Mark Leonard welcomes Jeremy Shapiro to discuss America’s next policy moves as it responds to Russia’s war in Ukraine

How is America’s domestic politics impacting the war in Ukraine? Last week, the Biden administration authorised Ukraine to use US-supplied weapons to strike within Russia’s borders – but, beyond July’s NATO Summit, the United States’ long-term strategy is unclear.

As well as how the Biden administration’s response to Ukraine might develop, this uncertainty will only grow should the American public elect Donald Trump again in November.

In this episode, Mark Leonard welcomes Jeremy Shapiro, director of research and director of ECFR’s US programme, to discuss the next moves in US policy on Russia’s war in Ukraine. What are the motivations behind the Biden administration’s latest decision?

What is the American domestic consensus on supporting the war in Ukraine? And is it possible for NATO to protect itself from Trump?

This episode was recorded on 5 June 2024

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