The Jammu and kashmir police is about to feature to a lot of teeth to its closed-circuit television with an forthcoming acquisition of fifty remote-controlled aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The biggest UAV procurements for the JK police has already been approved Union home ministry. The UAVs can facilitate the police to stay a watch on protesters and militant movements.

Officials aware of details of the procurals told geographic region Times that tenders have already been floated by the procurement wing of the JK police and also the method may well be completed by this month which might provide cops a lot of eyes in the sky.

“We have already floated tenders for UAV purchase and when the completion of the method police may get UAVs,” a senior lawman aforesaid. He, however, refused to administer any details concerning the UAVs.

The UAVs or drone system are going to be of class three that is taken into account the newest and equipped with the technology needed by the police particularly in geographic region given its parcel of land and mountainous region, the official aforesaid.

Besides dealing in law and order, the Jammu and Kashmir police are concerned in anti-militancy operations.

The police can currently be higher equipped to handle not solely anti-militancy operations however conjointly protesters. Sources aforesaid specialists can train a batch of officers to work these drones. when the curfew like restrictions were obligatory in natural depression on August five, forces have used little UAVs and helicopters to stay a watch on matters and to find people joining for protests.

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