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Russia Announces Space War On Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellites, Accepts Moskva Was Attacked

Space X’s Starlink internet constellation has angered Russia as it was reported that the Starlink satellite constellation was used to guide and modify fire on the Black Sea Fleet’s flagship, the cruiser

Moskva and it sank because of that. This was revealed by new data from the Russian Federation’s General Staff. Dmitry Medvedev has ordered to destroy of the Starlink satellite constellation located over Russian Federation territory, the special military operation zone, and the Black Sea basin in order to ensure the security of all units participating in the special military operation.

He further stated that Russia has no intentions to militarize outer space but it will also not allow others to do so suggesting that it will take action against whoever tries to militarize outer space. During the examination into the causes of the loss of the Black Sea fleet’s flagship, Dmitry Medvedev said that Osipov I.V., Commander of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet, would be removed, according to the State Duma.

Starlink satellite technology assisting Ukrainian drone units

Earlier, it was reported that  Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite technology is assisting an elite Ukrainian drone unit in destroying Russian weapons, according to the Times of London. The Aerorozvidka, which is a unit of the Ukrainian Ground Forces specialising in aerial reconnaissance and drone warfare uses drones equipped with infrared cameras to observe Russian military equipment such as tanks and command vessels at night.

Moskva’s loss comes as a serious blow to Russia

Moskva’s loss comes as a serious blow to the Russian military as it was no ordinary ship, it was the Russian Black Sea fleet’s flagship. Moskva was a floating Air Defence centre with three tiers of potent Air Defence weapons, including 64 long-range S-300F missiles, 40 medium-range OSA-AM missiles, and six AK-630 close-in Weapon systems. The sinking of this ship has left a big hole in Russian air defence in the Black Sea, exposing all Russian ships operating near Odesa. Moskva was patrolling between Odesa and Crimea on a daily basis, keeping the area clear for Russian Forces to operate. Russia claims that the ship was an ideal target.

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