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US Army tackles enduring system to counter both drone and cruise missile threats
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Army is on a path to choose an enduring system that will counter both drone and cruise missile threats by releasing a solicitation to industry for a prototyping effort and by hosting a shoot-off for two teams at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. ...
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No sign of Israel-Gaza ceasefire as fighting rages
Israeli forces pounded Gaza with air strikes and Hamas militants renewed cross-border rocket attacks on Wednesday, pressing on with a conflict that has caused widespread destruction in the......
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Population-centric cybersecurity: Lessons from counterinsurgency
By Emma Schroeder*, Simon Handler**, and Trey Herr*** The Sunburst hack was a cyber-espionage campaign, not the opening gambit of a new cyber war. Clarifying the intent of malicious cyber campaigns is critical because many cyber-espionage......
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North Korea is testing long-range nuclear missiles
North Korea could begin testing long-range missiles and nuclear weapons again to coerce U.S. officials toward political or sanctions relief, the general nominated to lead American forces in Korea testified Tuesday. Army Gen. Paul LaCamera told the Senate Armed Services Committee that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un likely sees an opportunity to revamp stalled diplomacy with......
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SR-72: The Mach 6 Bomber That Could Shake the World?
Lockheed’s hyping of a hypersonic aircraft which may-or-may-not already exist seems explicitly intended to build support for additional funding. This may be because it’s pursuing the project with the Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency (DARPA), which focuses on innovative development of cutting-edge technologies often well ahead of capabilities in operational service, rather than......
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America’s return to ‘Clash of Civilizations’
In the U.S. government, unhelpful generalizations about Asia are catching on again. By Ryan Ashley* and Alex Barker** ...
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