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Global Hawk Drones To Be Retired In Favor Of Secretive Penetrating Spy Aircraft
The U.S. Air Force is looking to get rid of all of its remaining Block 30 RQ-4 Global Hawk drones in the next year or two.
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Egypt to buy 30 Rafale fighter jets from France, in $4.5 bln deal
Egypt has signed a contract with France to buy 30 Rafale fighter jets, in a deal that investigative website Disclose said on Monday was worth 3.75 billion euro ($4.5......
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Vietnam veterans descended on the Capitol 50 years ago this week
On Sunday, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” profiled the Oath Keepers, a white-supremacist veterans’ group founded when President Barack Obama assumed office. The......
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F-22 Raptor: USAF wants to scrap it because of its increasing need for repairs
US Air Force is looking to downsize the range of fighter jets in its fleet to four The F-22 Raptor stealth fighter and the F-15E Strike Eagle could be retired. The F-22 has needed a number of repairs and upgrades to its stealth coating The US Air Force is looking to cut its fleet of fighter jets from seven to four which could spell the end for the F-22......
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Northrop Grumman to supply navigation payloads for DARPA’s Blackjack satellites
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded Northrop Grumman a $13.3 million contract to provide positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) payloads for the Blackjack program. Blackjack is a DARPA project to demonstrate the military utility of small satellites in low Earth orbit to provide communications, missile warning and PNT. Northrop Grumman’s contract was awarded April 28,......
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China developing hypersonic swarms to overwhelm missile defenses
Chinese researchers are working to network hypersonic weapons into a smart swarm for coordinated attacks. Such swarms would be far more dangerous than the individual missiles that comprise them, multiplying the power of the high-speed weapons. Hypersonic missiles, cruise missiles that travel inside the atmosphere at more than five times the speed of sound (over 4,000 mph) are shaping up as the......
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