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Putin authorized smear campaign against Biden, US intelligence concludes
With President Vladimir Putin’s authorization, the Russian government used Ukrainian proxies, individuals linked to President Donald Trump, and the U.S. media to “denigrate President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party” through the promotion of tailored “narratives,” the U.S. intelligence community has concluded, according to a ...
Irregular versus conventional warfare: A dichotomous misconception
By Dr. Sandor Fabian* The 2018 US National Defense Strategy (NDS) signals a major shift for the US military from irregular warfare toward developing capabilities for conventional wars against near-peer and peer competitors. Recent events such as......
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UFO Filmed Flying Near US Navy Ship And Descend Into Pacific Ocean
A UFO was spotted flying near a US navy ship before completely disappearing into the ocean.  The footage of the moment the object believed to be a UFO was spotted was taken at the Combat Information Center (CIC) of the USS Omaha just off the coast of San Diego, California. The supposed ...
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Analysts question uniqueness of hypersonic weapons capabilities
As the U.S. armed forces plow forward with their multifaceted campaign to develop hypersonic weapons, national security analysts are raising questions about how the new capabilities will impact great power competition. By Meredith Roaten Hypersonics are a top research-and-development priority for the Pentagon. The weapons are being pursued by the Air Force, Army and Navy. The......
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The "Iniochos-2021"military exercise in Greece sent a message to Iran
Greece hosted the Iniochos 2021 military exercise in April, welcoming military forces from the United States, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus and a number of ...
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