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Veterans Affairs to reconsider Agent Orange claims for certain Vietnam veterans
The Department of Veterans Affairs will automatically reconsider Agent Orange benefits claims for certain Vietnam veterans that were previously denied. Those who served in the offshore waters of Vietnam during the Vietnam War, also known as......
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NATO Deputy Secretary General discusses NATO 2030 initiative at NATO Parliamentary Assembly
Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană outlined the opportunities of the NATO 2030 initiative in his address to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly on Monday (17 May 2021). Looking ahead to the NATO Summit, the Deputy Secretary General called it a pivotal moment for NATO, underscoring the need......
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America’s return to ‘Clash of Civilizations’
In the U.S. government, unhelpful generalizations about Asia are catching on again. By Ryan Ashley* and Alex Barker** ...
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Jerusalem violence: Israel air strikes hit Gaza after rocket attacks
Israel has launched air strikes against militant targets in the Gaza Strip, after rockets were fired from the territory towards Jerusalem. ...
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First test flight of Skyborg's "Computer Brain" flown on UTAP-22 Loyal Wingman Drone
While the familiar UTAP-22 was used for this early test, Boeing, General Atomics, and Kratos will soon begin supplying new drones for further testing. The U.S. Air Force says that it has conducted the first flight test of an initial version of the artificial intelligence-driven "computer brain" it is developing under the Skyborg program using a Kratos UTAP-22 Mako unmanned aircraft.......
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